Student evaluations from Hungary about Barcelona – 2014.02.08-14.

Peter Szabó, Hungary

I have a lot of nice memories from this week. The family I lived with was so kind and friendly. I learned lots of new words (not just Spanish) and I tried delicious food. I love Barcelona, because people are very friendly and direct and the place has got a fantastic feeling. The programmes were exciting but a little bit too long. I was able to make new friendships with students from different countries. I hope I will meet with them again, because I think this isn’t the end. This is „see you later!”.

Anna Szabó, Hungary

Thank you for this week that I could in Barcelona, Sant Adria Besos. It was an amazing experience. I met so different people and I made lots of friendships. The Spanish people are very friendly and kind. The travel was very long but it was worth it .When I got off the bus my host family welcomed with a kiss and a huge hug. They were very kind. The programmes were dense. We had short free time and we had to walk a lot. We went on a sightseeing tour every day. We visited Sagrada Familia, Park Gƕell, the Cathedrals and other some places and we also went to the beach. We took lots of picture with our new friends. We learnt some words, about the Spanish culture and some other things. I liked traditional Catalan dance. I also learnt some different words in other languages for example: In English : I love you, in Spanish: Te amo, in Turkish: Seni seviyorum , in Polish: Kocham cie and in Italian: Ti amo. I loved Spanish foods. My favourite food is the burrito. I love Barcelona, it is a beautiful and wonderful city. I hope I will travel to Barcelona again. <3:)

Csilla Losonczy, Hungary

I’m really glad because I met a lot of kind and friendly guys and teachers. The programmes were cool because when we walked a lot we talked with each other. And we knew the others. I hope I will go back in the summer. I love singing and dancing and we did these things all day! *-* The family was very friendly to me. Every night we were at someone’s house with the others and ate some food and kidding. We saw buildings of Gaudi and they were so beautiful. I learned a lot of Spanish words. I think it was the best week of my life. Thanks, Comenius because I have a lot of beautiful and funny memories and a good experience.

Barbara Dézsi, Hungary

What can I say …. this trip to Spain was awesome.!!! As soon as we arrived, Bruno and Anna welcomed us heartedly at their school where everybody hugged us. After I met Marc’s family we left for a stroll in this extraordinary city. The following days we had the chance to visit more of the famous sights. I cannot find the proper words to describe the people of Catalunia – generous, friendly and full of life. Our hosts were the best and we feel so close to our Spanish partners. I have also had the opportunity to improve my knowledge of Spanish and English . It was an amazing experience and a part of me was left behind in Catalunia as they were the greatest hosts ever. VISCA CATALUNIA !!!