Joint Comenius evening of the English and the French projects

On 29th May we had an end-of-the first year Comenius evening where the events and the results of the two ongoing projects were shown to the parents, the head of our educational district, dr Mariann Tolnai, teachers and of course, students. Our headmaster, Tamás Beleznay opened the event, emphasizing the importance of international links between schools.  The coordinator teachers: Éva Meszéna of the English project and Andrea Fehér Szecseiné and István Molnár of the French project talked about the projects in short and discussed the merits of the programs. Then the students showcased the events and activities in detail. At the end, it was great to hear from dr Mariann Tolnai that she would come to the next Comenius evening – and we are definitely going to have one at the end of the two years of the projects!

We exhibited some presents and brochures we received from the countries we visited. Two tables were full of lovely items, for example a dancing figure or informative leaflets and books. There were handmade cups and paintings from the Romanian art school and an apron with the Comenius logo embroidered on the front from the catering vocational school in Italy. On a large Europe map the places of the different project meetings were tagged which showed how many places the students from Szent-Györgyi had already visited or are going to visit next year. The number of places on the map is impressive!

There were some sweets from the different countries going around in the audience. The small Italian chocolates, the Romanian Cipi candies and the Turkish delight were all very popular.

The presentations:

First the English project: “Our Voices across Europe” was introduced by Petra Jurkinya. This project is about music, which can be a common language bringing people and countries together. The project has two pillars: folk music and pop music. During the project meetings the seven participating schools from Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Poland, Turkey and Hungary communicate online, and also meet face to face, getting to know each other, singing together, organizing concerts and dance shows together.

Then we ran into a technical disaster: the total breakdown of the computer – but thanks to the professional help of our IT teacher, Melinda Szőcs and our headmaster just about everything in the system was replaced – meanwhile the show went on …

Barbi Dézsi and Csilla Losonczi talked about the winter and spring parcels: we sent a winter parcel to Spain with a CD of Christmas songs and handmade cookies (mézeskalács, yum-yumJ) and received a parcel from Greece in December. Around Easter time we sent a parcel to Italy and got some goodies from Poland.

Then Olga Kertész talked about the French project:La revue des adolescents”. This is an online magazine for teenagers edited by the international group of students from 7 countries. The students  also attended three meetings and they had already hosted the other participants in Budapest. This meeting in December was a huge success! It was great to hear about their work and their stories.

Back to the English project: Petra Szudi used the Hungarian invention, the PREZI to talk about the first project meeting in Trebisacce, Italy. The trip was unforgettable for all of us involved! Being the first meeting, the students from each country gave presentations about the country, the region and the school. They also introduced a folksong: Roland Miklós Nagy sang  Hull a szilva and Petra danced and while Lili Gulácsi helped with the presentations.

Nóra Kertész, Niki Ofella and Petra Jurkinya gave a presentation on the second project meeting in Izmir Turkey. This was also an astonishing experience with great stories to tell for the whole team with teachers Andrea Táskai and Melinda Szőcs. Petra read her poetic thank you to Izmir, to the people of Izmir.

Roland Miklós Nagy introduced the website of our project:, with special attention to the WIKI site on the history of pop music. This part is being written by the students. The history of pop music is introduced both in England and in the USA and also in the countries participating in the project. So far the music of the 50s and 60s (Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Illés, J) has been introduced, with historical background, biographies and of course, songs and we will continue working on it for the following decades.

Anna Fundelius talked about the third project meeting in Piatra Neamt, Romania. Her presentation included photos of the school, the big concert on Europe Day, the beautiful countryside, including Red Lake (Gyilkos-tó), the Hungarian team with Lili Gárdos , Orsi Cseresnyés,  Nóri Kertész  and teachers Ilona Kovács and Éva Meszéna. Of course the best pictures showed the fun the kids from different countries were having together, talking, singing, dancing eating together.

Finally we could see a short film by Petra Szudi. She interviewed several students participating in the English or French projects, or- in the case of Niki Ofella: participating in both projects. The big question was what the Comenius project meant for them. From the answers: meeting new people, learning to communicate in a foreign language, the world opening up for them, getting to know a country/place not as a tourist but how real people live there, etc.

All in all, it was a great evening, much longer then we planned because there were just too many things to tell and also a proud way to celebrate the work and achievements of the two projects.

News and photo reporters from the local newspaper, Ferencváros, also attended our evening, this way the local community outside the school can also learn about these projects and our work.

More pictures…

Fundelius Anna beszámolója az estről:

Az angol és francia nyelvű Comenius körülölelte ezt a tanévet. A program eredményeiről, útjairól és jövőbeli elképzeléseiről, május 29-én tartottak a csoportok bemutató estet.
Az eseményen nem csak szülők, érdeklődő diákok, az iskola tanárai és vezetősége, de a kerület néhány tagja, és a Ferencvárosi Újság képviselői is jelen voltak.
A tanári köszöntés és rövid bevezetés után a diákok prezentációkkal álltak ki, és mesélték el a külföldön szerzett élményeiket. Bemutatták saját munkáikat és mindazt, amit a Comeniusszal elértek.
Megtekinthettük többek között a francia diákok által szerkesztett újságokat és az angolos diákok zenei honlapját is.
Mindezek mellett egy kis pluszként kiállítást is láthattak a vendégek a külföldről kapott ereklyékből, és kóstolót kaptak különböző országok édességeiből.
Az este minden akadály ellenére sikeres volt, bizonyítja ezt az is, amit Dr. Tolnai Mariann (a tankerület vezetője) mondott: „Ha legközelebb csináltok ilyet, azt is szeretném látni!”
Köszönet jár a nyelvi csoportok vezetőinek, Meszéna Éva és Fehér Andrea tanárnőnek, a segítő tanároknak és persze a résztvevő diákoknak!