DUDY – polish folk music instrument

An instrument that is traditionally used to perform folk music in the southern part of Poland is a bagpipe. In Polish tha names for the instrument are: dudy or koza. There are different types of bagpipes, depending on the specific area of Poland.

The instrument is built of following parts:

  • one or more melodic pipes with tuners and side openings;
  • one or more drone pipes that create a continuous low sound
  • a bag filled air made of goat or sheep skin (in modern versions of the instrument made ofgorethex)
  • a pipe allowing to breathe the air into the bag or bellows moved by arm of the playing person

What is interesting, various types were used for different occasions. For example, the black bagpipe was used in church during the wedding ceremony whereas the white bagpipe was used during the weding reception.

Folk music groups also use other traditional instruments, such as: a violin, double bass or accordion.