Piatra Neamt (Romania)

PIATRA NEAMT (2013.05.08 – 2013.05.13.)

The English reports about the project:

Students’ comments about Romanian meeting from Hungary:

Anna Fundelius:

This trip is unforgettable to me. I enjoyed the time I spent there, from the adventurous arrival to the moment of the farewell.

My host family waited for me with a lot of love, they took care of me.
My partner and I got along very well and we had a lot in common. I met a fantastic girl and I am grateful to her.
There were a lot of fun in my team and I met many friendly people. I hope I will meet them again.
We discovered a beautiful part of Romania, we had the chance to see the school and meet many talented students who can draw or paint wonderfully. They can also play a lot of musical instruments, and I have to admit that I was very jealous of that.
We visited the local museums and the historical places together and we also heard a lot of interesting facts. The weather was pleasant and it accompanied us with shining sunlight.
Various traditional dishes to taste, and even a local “egg game” were taught to us.
I met wonderful people and I returned home with lots of memories.
I will miss Piatra Neamt!!

 Orsi Cseresnyés:

Thank you for this week that I could spend with lovely new friends :D When I caught sight of my partner, Delia I knew for sure that we will be sisters for a week. Her family is very hospitable, her mother cooked for us a lot of delicious food.

All of the children sang I will survive on the bus when we went an excursion, and I will never forget this. Every night we went out and had a party together.

The last day was the best, because we saw some beautiful mountains and the Red Lake. We were shopping for a couple of funny souvenirs from some Transylvanian vendors in Hargita. We were taking a lot of pictures with our new friends. I learnt some new words in Romanian like mulțumesc  (köszönöm) and la revedere (viszlát).

I did not want to come home because this was one of the best weeks of my life. But I discussed it with my new friends that we will certainly see each other.

 Lili Gárdos:

In the beginning of May we visited Romania thanks to the Comenius project. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I became richer with new memories that I will never forget. I met new, interesting and wonderful people and I found friends for life in them. Romania was very enchanting with its nature and the people that live there. We stayed in a city called Piatra Neamt, which is a beautiful place located beneath a mountain. My host family was really kind and loving. They made me feel like I was at home. There were some programs that were really interesting. We visited the Red Lake, The museum of history and of course we got to see the Romanian school. I was stunned by how talented these kids are. I had tons of fun with the people of other countries, we got along really well. I could talk days long about my experience in Romania, but I have to be short :(

Altogether, it was wonderful.

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